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Vintage Davis 600 ohm pots radio console


I have these rare Davis 600 ohm in/out ladder circuit pots and the front of the radio console they came out of for sale on the San Diego craigslist.

Type: "radio mixer" to find the ad, if any problem let me know and I can send peeks directly.

I also have a peavy pa-120 mixer amp on the San Diego craigslist.

Type: "peavy pa-120" to find the ad

The power amp is dead because of a bad driver transformer

There is a guy in England that will re-wind it for $50

This is a repair for a customer who gave the unit to me

The whole reest of the unit works fine, very mint condition

The case is 19" wide, by 5-1/2" inside, standard rack

You can use the preamps to make a four channel mixer with

reverb, just take the power amp out.

If you have another vintage Peavy, great for parts

I have the schemo, and the preamps are very well designed, the volume controls are actual gain controls. Could make a mixer for effects for the studio, have the line outs on the back...

I can help with the circuits also