Vintage AR ES-1 or new Pro Ject Debut III?

ChopperCharles said:
I have a line on a nice vintage AR ES-1 turntable with the cherry base for $150. I've been planning to buy the Pro Ject Debut III turntable after I buy a nice tube phono stage... but I might jump on the AR if it's a decent deal. What do you guys think?


Phenomenal deal. It would be SRSLY foolish to not purchase the AR at that price.
Re: shallbehealed....

ChopperCharles said:
Too late, I missed it by an hour. Damn!



Before you spend the money on the pro-ject, check out the Sonographe SG3 on a'gon. I've no relation to the seller, but I've been using this deck for a couple of years and it's really served me well.

It's very similar to the ES-1 in a lot of ways, but uses even more impedance matching dense acrylic (not the shiny acrylic that clearaudio uses).

Here's a little blurb by Dave from vinyl nirvana.


oh, and stew. i still have no idea if i'm going to be able to afford the platter/bearing gb until the numbers are finally released, but i have a nagging feeling that it's going to end up being too rich for me.