Vifa OX20SC routed waveguide, help

Hello. I want to mount Vifa ox20sc00-04 using router. I want to form little waveguide like on NAO note II RS. I realy like this way of mounting it, but i have no idea how to do that.
I cut hole of right size first, then what router bit to use? I read somewhere, that I need 3/4 inch roundover bit. I have one now, but it looks wrong for job, because bearing would ride on air, using 3/4 thick wood. And guide would be much deeper.
Maybe someone can help me. Thanks in advance :)

I have bit like this ^
And I don't see how I could achieve result with it :confused:
Do I need something shallower, with same diameter, or theres a trick?
Arghh maybe I was better of buing different tweeters :D

john k...

2004-08-10 2:50 am
If you want a 3/4" round over you need to secure (with screws) a piece of wood at least 1/2" thick to the back of the baffle behind the tweeter hole so the total thickness is about 1 1/4". Cut the tweeter hole through this extract piece too. (It's better if you secured the extra piece first and then cut the hole through both pieces so they line up perfectly.) Now, with the extra piece the extra thickness will provide a surface for the bearing to ride on while you cut the round over. Once the round over is cut, removed the extra piece.
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Thank you. I am happy to get reply from you. Your work is fantastic.
Actualy I figured this out just a minute ago. I also found that I needed to remove some material from back of baffle, to form nice shape for waveguide, which enlarges starting hole a little. But it still came out to small though :D
Need to use bigger spade bit next time. Now i used 24mm bit, ant it is in middle of tweeter suround. I will try 26-27 bits.
Thank you for input :)