Vifa MA26WR02-08

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Does anybody know anything about this woofer, or used it?

At the sale price it's very attractive, and nice looking too, but I'm curious as to its performance, distortion-wise etc. It would be for a single sealed musical sub, and would not be driven very hard.

I'm a little confused about the suggested use on the Madisound page:

Two woofer in parallel for F3 of 26Hz:

Vb = 2.5 cu.ft
Fb = 24.23 Hz
QL = 6.509
F3 = 26.29 Hz
Fill = normal
No. of Vents = 1
Vent shape = round
Vent ends = one flush
Dv = 3 in
Lv = 10 in

I don't want to use two of them, and a volume of about 1.5 cu. ft. is all I have room for.

FWIW I have made a small sub with the "normal" MA26 (4 ohm version) in a sealed enclosure of app. 1.1 cu.ft (net volume) and its an excellent sub for a small room - much better than my usual sub with 2 x Seas L22 in a vented box. I'm not sure how big the differences are between the madisound-version and the "regular" version but at the price I think it would be worth a try.

Thanks Nisbeth,

I think your info is worth a lot. These may be identical woofs with different resistances, and if they'll work in a small sealed box that will definitely work for me.

They are certainly a great looking driver, with the aluminum cone and phase plug - I don't want to base my decision solely on looks but if they perform well too then it's win-win.

Yeah I have a pretty small room - 1br apartment - living room is maybe 12 x 10 - and my existing 2 x 10" Dayton Classic "sub" is plenty - just not clean enough. It will also be active, w/ 150w plate amp and crossed to my mains @ 80 Hz - should do well.

Cheers! :)
I think you should stay away from ported in a room your size. I used to have a sealed 10" woofer in a 10x13 room, and it measured flat down to 20hz. The Vifa MA26 in 1 cu ft has more low end than my old sub, so it could sound too heavy in your slightly smaller room.

Which plate amp are you using? If it's the PE 250 watt amp, it has a 2nd order 25hz highpass filter which would even out the low end, and protect the Vifa from overexcursion.

Hi owdi,

I definitely don't want to go ported - the design on Madisound calls for it and I wanted to make sure I could actually go sealed with it. My room, and the fact that I have neighbors, excludes a ported design for most 10" + subs.

My amp is from MCM, but I can't tell you any more than that, except that is crosses as low as 40, but 1st order I believe. It does have gain control, and I've found that I actually need to keep it adjusted down most of the time.

I use subs for very bottom support when listening to music with such things as bass drums, pipe organ, etc., but I definitely will never in my current situation be driving it to its limits.

Wow that 25Hz hi-pass filter sure is a nifty idea though - I've never heard of doing that. I can understand it would be useful as a subsonic filter for analog listening, and I guess HT too - except that most people want their HT subs to go ridiculously loud and low. I don't do that though - and I'm wondering if it's useful for digital music?
I'm wondering if it's useful for digital music?

FYI: The Vifa MA26WR02-08 maximum safe input power for Ht or digital music without using a high-pass filter can be seen in picture: 1(1)



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