Vifa DX25TG-05-04 Tweeter

I spend an inordinate time looking at tweeters online... I keep noticing this tweeter and it looks very nice. The power handling seemed prety impressive for this price range.

The only drawbacks I see are: moderate price (not expensive, but not extremely cheap like some of the OK under $10 tweeters) and, not a small face plate like many of the Neo tweeters.

Are there any tweeters that could crossover lower than this one without costing much more? Any tweeters at a similar or lower price that you like better that wouldn't have to cross higher?

The Vifa D26 small flange Neo tweeter also looks nice, but, production has been shifted to China, and maybe it won't be available for much longer because it's been discontinued?

What to people generally think about Zaph's distortion testing, he seems to put a high priority on low distortion. I'm not positive, but I think the sound of metal cones bothers me a lot more than moderate distortion levels, though, there are some speakers with metal cones that I did really like...

I wish there were more extensive reviews of Zaph's designs compared to some other commercial speakers...

Are there any not-so-expensive tweeters that can be nicely crossed over 1st order at 2Khz?


2004-06-11 4:47 am
The VifaDX25TG is worth the money.
Troels used it quite a lot in his design. This is what his view when replacing the super expensive SS 7000 with DX25TG.
"I have tried modelling the 4 ohms Vifa DX25TG tweeter. Much easier compared to the troublesome 7000 tweeter. The changes are:
The mid will need a 0.22 mH in replacement of the 0.1 mH. The tweeter goes as follows: 5R6 - 4.7 uF - 0.1 mH to ground - 6.8 uF - 0.33 mH to ground. The LCR filter stays in place, only the 1.0 uF is changed to 1.5 uF. The tweeter notch at 7.5 kHz appears to be derived from tweeter placement and there's not much we can do about it. Now, can the DX25TG really cope with the 7000 tweeter? Indeed so. It sounds great."