Vifa Car Drivers for Home Theatre Project?

Hi All,
I am new to speaker building (have never done and am just startimg learning).
I have the chance to get some cheap Vifa drivers here in Australia. Unfortunately they are 4/6ohm car drivers.

D25AC-05-06 tweeters
Specifications, Pe: 100 watts, Re: 6 ohms, Fs: 1700Hz, Spl: 87.5 dB, Freq. Res.: 2.5-20KHz.

M18WN-19-04 woofers
Specifications, Pe: 150 watts, Re: 4 ohms, Fs: 55 Hz, Spl: 89 dB, Freq. Res.: 55-4KHz, mounting depth: 2.75"

I am looking at making a 5 speaker set for Home theatre and will build a sub inthe future.
I have been looking at an MTM design for all 5 speakers with the centre just sat flat on a shelf.
I know than none of the drivers are sheilded, just means I will have to keep away from TV.

Any thoughts on this as a first project?

I have family that will appreciate them if they do not perform any where near audiophile levels, which will allow me to use the knowledge gained in the next project?

Any feedback or ideas on designs and crossovers would be greatly appreciated.