Viewframe Spectra Plus Problems...

I've been using this panel for over 2 years now and I noticed that it's starting to act up for the first time since I bought it.

The problem... is when I turn it on and the Logo comes on, but the image seems to be faded and it "jitters". It's as if it is using every other line to project.

For a while, I would take it apart and wiggle the wires going into the LCD. But that isn't helping anymore. Now I notice that when it is faded and "jittering", I can hear a buzzing that is coming from that board.

I have a line of pixels that is starting to burn out and go black. But that has been like that for a while, but I'm wondering if that is that cause of it. I also using a 12v 1500Ma power supply from RadioShack, that has worked for 2 years.

Any ideas? I'm like to think that I'm not the only one that ever had this problem........any help would be great!