Video cassette player

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Hi all,
I have a VCR that is acting funny. The audio can be heard but there is no video.
I did not know what to do and finally called a technician. He says that the video head is shot.
Is he right or is there anything I could try?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
There are several possibilities for no video outout........ and there is something pretty easy that you can try first.

I'm assuming you're getting a snowy pictures. What you do is use a small piece of writting paper and place it flat against the video drum and spin the video drum a couple times ......... what you're basically doing is cleaning the tiny video head that's attached to the drum ........ be very careful when you're spinning the drum or else you might just break off the video head ........

If after doing that a couple times, it does not clear up the pictures, defective video head is a possibility. But of course, it could also be due to other mechanical or electrical problems.
First, the power cord insulation had broken off and was causing a loose contact. I replaced the power cord, but now there is absolutely no video. The audio can be heard.
I even cleaned the drum and tried different tapes. Nothing seems to work.There is no video from then onwards.
As I said, the technician says the video head is gone. You guys know how some of them can take you for a ride. I was hoping I could try something before asking him to replace the head.
What has bad power cable got to do with no video output? Did you drop the VCR? Could you expalin a little bit on what you did or what happened before the video went out? Are you getting a snowy picture, blue screen or just a blank screen now?
I did nothing at all. It was working fine before it was lying idle for a few months. The only thing I did was replace the power cord. But, I understand that the replacement of the power cord has nothing to do with the video head.
I am getting only grain kind of thing on the screen. If I play a cassette and try to tune the TV, the TV is not able to tune to the signal.
Do you guys think I used too much pressure while cleaning the head resulting in the damage.

I will try out what you suggested.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.