Vicor DC-DC for B+


2009-07-18 11:07 pm
I have enough spare parts to make a PSU for a Salas 6V6 preamp. The idea is to run it from a 24V DC power supply.

I have several of these:
VI-J1B-EY | VI-J00 Series DC-DC Converters | Vicor
and a few others, enough to make a 330VDC B+ from a 24V PSU. The idea is to put the converters in series to get the necessary voltage. I might put this on the final B+ output: 21st Century Maida Regulator: A modern B+ voltage regulator – Neurochrome

I also have this, that I can trim to 6.3 for the heater.
VI-J1T-CY | VI-J00 Series DC-DC Converters | Vicor

I plan to use this ripple attenuator, which I also have, on the output of 6.3V converter.
Ripple Attenuator Module - RAM | Vicor Corporation

Besides the fact that this is all unnecessarily complicated, I'd like to try it. Are there any reasons not to? How about at amp startup? As I understand it, this might be a difficult scenario for the PSU.

Can I put an NTC on the output of the 24VDC power supply, and before the converters?


2009-07-18 11:07 pm
I'm guessing this 200V limit is a deal breaker.

This means in stacking these modules, I'd have a virtual ground at around -160V, earth at 0 VDC, and B+ at +160V.

Thoughts? Seemed like a an easy solution, with isolated relatively low noise parts... but alas.


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