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Viawave GRT 145-4 Ribbons for Sale

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FS: Viawave GRT 145-4 Ribbon Tweeters

I have a matched pair of Viawave GRT 145-4 ribbon tweeters up for grabs - these are the 4 ohm versions.

I evaluated them for a project for about a week, but could not get a good xover match to the midrange drivers I was using...not a problem with the tweeters! Measured very close to the published FR curves as expected. They are fully functional, sound great, and in excellent condition - no scratches or any problems with them from a cosmetic perspective. I did mount them on a temporary baffle for testing using small screws. The reputation of this tweeter is well deserved!

You can check my 100% feedback scores on eBay - user name bluedog 231, and on Audiogon, user name lanetim.

Asking $300 for the pair, + actual shipping costs to your location using the service of your choice. Will ship in the original packaging materials. Satisfaction guaranteed! Happy to answer any questions.


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