Very very bizarre problem with Cardi nal Transport

Pass lover

2006-12-14 8:57 pm
Hello every body.

I did post my thread on Dacapo Isue and waited for a week but no reply.

My Cardinal at this moment has a minor problem. I was wondering if some one is suffering the same?

when I turn it on, the CD tray automatically come out, the display screen shut off, a noise from the motor could be heard.

If I turn it off , turn it on again, press EJECT button to close the CD tray, then Cardinal works as usual.

I would like to point out that the problem happened sometimes (NOT all the times)???? and I could occasionally happen while playing.

I did check the Cap, there is no leaking at all

It has 2 output: 1 Digital Out + 1 Clock In, all of them are terminated by BNC sockets. I used it to feed my Dacapo DAC

I am looking forward to your advice

Hi Pass Lover,

Sorry to hear about the issues you have with your Cardinal.

This is a new problem to me, I've never encountered such an issue.

When the LCD Display "Shuts Off" do you mean the Green Backlight or just the Text disappears?

If the Text disappears but the Green Backlight remains illuminated this would suggest that the System Micro has "Stopped / Hang". It’s the IC that connects to front panel via the Ribbon Cable (Under the PCB nearest the Front Panel Ribbon Connector), CXP1xxx (I cannot remember the full part #)

Why its hanging I cannot say, however the PSU rails dropping too low while Opening the CD tray would be my first guess.

I would also guess that although you say the Nippon Chemi-Con Caps are OK, you can only tell by removing them from the PCB, and looking for the leakage once removed. I would not be surprised if you find they have indeed leaked and eaten the copper PCB, resulting in only a very thin Copper tracks remaining - resulting in the voltage drop you maybe experiencing.

Sorry, hard to diagnose a "New" problem for afar - but that’s where I would start,

I hope it helps, Pls. keep me updated,