• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Very tempting Good invesment or not????????

Hello all,
I came across these amps on ebay earlier today.




They are really cheap and I am tempted to buy one. What do you guys think of them, will they sound good?
I am a bit hesitant because they are so cheap and I want to be sure I buy someting that will not let out thte magic smoke after 5 min of play. If i buy I will mod it for sure and put in some decent caps and resistors :smash: .

Let me know what your guys think.
Good invesment or not????????



2003-01-18 7:57 am
Near London. UK
Tricky. They won't have any enforceable guarantee. But the moment you modify them you annul any guarantee anyway, so that's not a huge loss. The real problem is that it could be complete rubbish. If I were you, I'd probably wonder about how long it would take me to make a chassis as pretty as that and consider any working amplifier as a bit of a bonus.
Here in Italy we have an invasion of such amps, but here they go for double the price. I have heard them, the construction is beautiful, but tubes are extremely cheap (change them immediately), and trannies are just normal, not awesome.

Pretty good for a first time tube lover. Most of the time they're even p2p built, so easy mods and repairs.