Very simple projection Tv plans

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Hi, there was a show on TV in the UK called 'Game On' (i think it went ot the us but i aint sure)
anyway, the main character was affraid to leave the house after his parents died (very funny already...) but his reason was that the 'skunk pussys and jizmmunkis would attact' him

so its just a kinda stupid fictional creature.

i didnt think of the 'porn' implications until it was my internet name all over the show, and so i aint changing it!


why sush???
Japanese story of course! Been waiting to tell this, luckky you!

While this yank was visiting Osaka, I met this crazy mad-scientist guy in Japan (he was an engineer and talked about stereo's and HDTV and satellite teli, 1991). He had Octopi in his aquarium and his fridge ("they dead!-time to eat-look frozen!"). He was real creepy, but funny too. Moving like Igor in the Frankenstein movie (he had a motorcycle accident). We talked with him at the bar near my girlfriends apartment (He seemed like a really kind man!) and he showed us his mangled leg and it's "Captain Hook" attachment. He offered the Octopus from his aquarium and my Tokyo girlfriend got a little sick (I was loving it! First few days I was out of the country, ever, so I was in awe).

Anyway, he had all kinds of little wind-up robots from the 60's that he would show us and play with and they would talk in Japanese (little..., serious..., 'I will kill you' voices) while he offered the Octopus....they were walking on the tatami. When he put them on the table while I ate (I didn't care!) I was blown out of my mind, he gave us sake and I didn't think about how strong it was. I was in gaijing(foreigner) heaven!

It reminded me of this American movie where this guy was a gigolo at a pizza delivery company and another guy's wife caught him because there were these little robot's in his closet saying "oooo bad-boy!", "you-bad!", "ooooo!".

I was rolling on the tatami and soon didn't feel to good, also. Felt like he hit me with his Dr. Shrinker Ray-gun! We were running out when he said "it okay!? "I give can-basket", "okay master?!". I lost it about then as we left his apartment and I spewed all over the side of the aquarium and the shoe area! That's what my girlfriend told me! I was having a grand time, from what I can remember.

So, I thought my name here would reflect that craziness. 'Evil mad-scientist, Dr. SushiMaster-X!'. I think I should have put the "Dr." in there because nobody respects me here, I'm just a goof-ball, he-he, just joking!....I think.
File this under "Funny, but true".
Wonder what he's doing now...oh well thats it
Gotta check out your show. Haven't heard of it here in Detroit.
yeah do, its very funny,
the orginal guy who was in it (the scared one) left to go to hollywood and was in some film, can rem which tho, but the show got someone else in a ran quite a while

they sold it in the us i think, but they also remade it with us actors, so i dont know which version youl get to see. watch out for it tho

Only ones we got here from the Uk were:

The Young Ones, on MTV.
Absolutely Fabulous on E!, I think.
JunkYard Wars on The Learning Channel.
Dr. Who, Are You Being Served?, Upstairs/Downstairs and of course Monty Python and that show with John Cleese where he is a hotel owner, on PBS.
That's nearly it, I think, as far as weekly shows go.
That's how I grew up thinking Brits were. Absolutely-bonkers, like us! Just different. Mostly, very enjoyable stuff.

Don't even say a thing about our Jenny Jones, Sally Jessy Raphael or Maury Povich! Feel like we've contaminated the world. Hope no other countries see that stuff!
America.... you are forgiven

UK dos have some cool comdey (but you only get our good stuff, we have a lot of cr@p to!)

but just strat watching '6 feet under' and 'scrubs'

Amreica (ok i cant spell) all is forgiven!

and whats the dectective/hospital/crime program with dic van dyke in? surely thats your best comedy! thats on daily at lunch in the UK, my girlfriend is hooked!
i, on the other hand, just stick wih little house on the prairy, which is on every morning at 10
(i work from home, that how i can be so lazy!);)
Actually, I'm not American, I'm simply and un-armed American with
healthcare (for those who don't know, that means I'm Canadian.)

Yeah, I know all places have crap... I don't know about Dick Van Dyke, I think that is American though. Seems that the British are better at making comedy without being gross or sexual. Here in Canada and also in America, people tend to be bad at making comedy unless it involves sex. Though, there are a few good comedians and shows, Who's Line is It (has an American and a British version I think), and Just for Laughs, and The Royal Canadian Air Farce ( get it "FARCE") They do great stuff.

Though, I must say, the best comedy I've ever seen is done by
Monty Python so far. They were just so creative and powerful.
The best bit I think they did was the Holy Grail, boy that was good! GO BRITISH COMEDY! YEAH:D
Canada eh?! Kids in the Hall, SCTV, Thunder Bay, Mr. Dressup and

The Friendly Giant! I'm just across the river from Windsor, Ontario. So the signal was beamed in our direction to. I could even get a double dose of SCTV, because it was broadcast in the states too.

It's really strange that there is this whole other country, right there, 20 minutes away! And the folks are so different from the typical brash Yanks. It's like stepping into an adult world or a Leave it to Beaver set, everyone is so well-behaved. Really, so strange. Love going to Windsor, the vibe is so different in just a few minutes. Very contrasting to Detroit. 5 minute space-ride through the tunnel and then wham, your in a completely different universe!

You should see MEET THE FEEBLES show, from UK. Sleazy Muppets, one of the grossest things I've seen. But, I keep it on tape for a slap in the face once and awhile. Be warned, you won't see Kermit the Frog and the rest in the same light again.
We get the mr hell show in the uk, but i think they may re-dub it as it has an english guy (bob munkhouse) doing the V/O

its very good tho...

britains best tho is Chris Morris.
he started on a show called KYTV, then went on to the Day Today and then did Brass Eye all spoof currant affairs/news programs, and each one got a little darker... very very black but great comedy

his latest Brass Eye was a spoof about peadophillia... this is how close to the line this guy goes...

his last show was call Jam, and got a very mixed reaction, he broke a lot of rule to make the show, deciding on not having any credits att he end (the were at instead!) and he refused to have any adverts during the show.

the theme of the show was death, murder and abortion, i can tell as im writing this this will sound sick, but it was some of the most refreshing and off the wall comdey you'll ever see, im trying to get copies now, and if i do ill let you guys know... if you like wierd british hummor, Chris Morris is the guy!

try a search for him on google...
Just been doing a bit of searching for him....#

try chris morris jam in google,....

also try this...

he did a radio show for a while (got pulled too...) (down load the radio show here<<) its really really good, but takes a while to down load (each show is one hour!) worth it tho, cut into 30min zipped chunks of a bout 3500k each

its far to cool, the best muzak EVER!

anyway as i was say.... cool projection plans

that what i love about the net... they way you can get so side tracked....

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what is this, monty python thread ?!?

after 2 years i am stil convinsed that it is possible to build tv projector! i beleive it is all about optics!
i think that all wee need is appropriate lens(es)!
take a look at this diagram from edmund optics!

(you can see it on the bottom of this post too)
i think if we take the right side of this apperature (second half of condenser lens and magnifying achromat - without the reticle) and place it in front of TV we can do it! instead of second condenser lens we can use full page magnifier (which is as big as 13" TV or 14" monitor and can cover whole screen) to collect all the light and beam it to the magnifying lens. since page magnifier has chromatic aberation, maybe second page magnifier used as magnifying lens could correct that aberation. or we could use OHP head as magnifing lens.
the second approach would be using only the lens from opaque projector. it has appropriate focal length to pick up and project big image (its stage is usualy over 12"x12"), and the lens itself is much bigger than OHP lens, so it would give much brighter image on the wall. i tried OHP head with my 100inchTV (without the fresnel) and picture was perfect, only pale, becouse there was not enough light since OHP lens is small and cant put enough light through itself.
besides, using opaque projector lens, instead of OHP lens, with LCD projector panel should also give you much brighter image (same reason - bigger lens passes more light), and therefore you can use less powerfull light source.
one more thing!
most opaques uses 2 light souces simultaniously, and than projects light that bounced from projecting material (paper, book, photograph,etc.). does it means that opaques dont use fresnels, and that opaque projector lens can project image from non-pointlike light source? i dont know! if so, that would mean that with such lens you could use non-pointlike light source in your LCD based projector?


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