very sensitive speakers

NED 209

2007-03-30 9:59 pm
hi there, question id like to ask of you buffs, do you know of any speakers that weigh in around the 1.5kg (3.5lb) mark, that are very efficient, 96db on up?

im tryin to make the most of the 7 watts my amp32 puts out.

ned .

:smash: always wanted to use that icon... i want to hammer out those beats
Well, the ever reliable, inexpensive and great sounding fostex fe126e weighs in at about a kilo each, but are only 93db efficient. There is this
Onkyo driver and costs only $3.50 each, 96db/w and judging from experience should weigh in around half kilo...keeping your weight limit in mind you can use up to three per side further raising output.

It would be easier to help you if you clearly defined your project. I consider my relatively huge Karlsons portable ever since I put handles on them ;)