Very large speaker drivers

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Last time I talked to the owner on the phone, (last year), Universal Electronics in Chicago made a 24 inch with the following specs:

Qts = .5
Vas = 36 cu. ft
Fs = 20 Hz
SPL = 100 dB @ 1Meter/Watt

They don't list it on the website,, but call the place for a special order. The phone number is listed on the website's main page.

Haven't used any, but apparently there are a lot of other good speakers there as well.
Why? Because the cone, in order to remain rigid, becomes so heavy that you can't control it, resulting in very loose bass. Smaller drivers give better response. For most people the limit for hi-fi use is 15" or so, although it's not too hard to track down an 18" if you want. I feel that 10s or 12s are about optimal for balancing the need to move air against the need for control over the cone's motion. I use twelve 12" drivers.
That said, some very large drivers do exist. Hartley has a 24" driver, as do a few other manufacturers.
But the big daddy of them all was the old JBL 36". A friend of mine chanced to see one of these in a shop in Florida years ago. Under the driver was a coy little sign that said:

<a href="`">32 Inch Clarion SRW8000 Subwoofer</a>
80cm cone
Imp: 4<font face="symbol">W</font>
Fs: 17H<sub>z</sub>
Qts: 0.40
Vas: 2.836 litres <font size="-2">(has to be wrong ?)</font>
Frequency Response: 5-1,000H<sub>z</sub>
Efficiency: 97dB/W/m
Regular price: $3,099.97 (from above link)

Electro Voice use to make a 30" (I think) driver with a styrofoam cone. The enclosure they recommended was about 6' square. I have heard (I think it was the speaker I was hearing) at an EV distributor. The sound, if you could call it that, was mainly infrasonic.
I don't think they got much call for them.
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I have been unable to find the site that posts the specs for the Clarion 32 incher.

However, since 1 cubic meter = 1,000 liters, I think that the figure you gave, 2.836 liters, is more likely 2,836 liters.

Change the decimal point to a comma. Or a misprint-someone meant to say meters and it was printed as liters.

The Vas for the Universal 24 incher is 1 cubic meter, and the Clarion is bigger still, so that figure is what we might expect, which is 100 cubic feet.
I had the Clarion brochures for the last 2 years and they list the same Vas figure.
This <a href="">UK site</a> lists vas as 312.9 litres

How much of the diameter of the Audiobahn is surround?
<a href="">AWT34 big pic </a>

I would like to hade my word on this. Large speaker driver are far from having a great sound. They lake transient response(there slow to move) so are only suitable to reproduce very low frequency sound.

This would supose to be good but with some cheap 12 - 18 the cone tend continue farther than it would supose to(thats visual but anyways).

Instead of using very big driver it's better to use 1 - 3 small one. Two 12 inch is going to give more cone aera than a single 15 and 2 15 more cone aera and a better overall sound quality than a single 18 inch.
Re: i wouldn't recommend it....

hakalugi said:
re: the clarion.

but if you can't be convinced otherwise... at least save some dough:

B/C for the same money ($1,000) i'd go with: But again, this is still: a 'big driver' project. I think you could do better with more 'smaller' drivers.

but forgetting flash, if you had $1,000 to spend on drivers and wanted to shake yer house... get 6 Adire Tempests.

(all this is assuming, you have the power to push them properly)
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