Very different measuring T35's on the middle of recap...

I recapped one Wolverine LT-12 with two 1.5 parallel films and .47ohm series. The tweeter measured 8.7ohm, seemed normal.

I start on the second speaker and wide open I'm getting 12ohms?

First speaker on "flat" measured around 6 ohms with the woofer. I don't want to reopen it if I don't need to, it seems like it's the normal one?

Despite reputation the LT-12 is a really nice 2 way driver I think. I'd like to have them both in order but noticed if you loosen the nut on the T35, the felt is glued to it so you can't just pull it out. Also read that hardly anyone can center the diaphragms even in free floating T35 tweeters.

Sigh, not sure here? Getting the feeling that you buy lots of LT-12's and try to put together a matching pair you can recap? (that won't happen)