Verify my high pass filter wiring for me?

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ignore this thread, I messed up my parts list.


Per PartsExpress tech help advice in quotes below.
I modified the text slightly to make it easier for someone to understand out of context.

I would recommend just high passing the tweeter and letting the Aura [NS3] run full range, this will be the easiest and cheapest route to take.
The cap and coil I would recommend for the tweeter are 1.5 uF and 0.25 mH.

I would recommend a 500 uF cap in series with the woofers, which will help keep excursion under control. You can use a pair of 027-378 [500uF each] wired in parallel for this.

So my pic you see attached below is an accurate representation of the advice below?
Yes or no?


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Half baked advice. What are the drivers and what is box volume ?
The 0.25mH goes across the rails and the tweeter almost
certainly needs further attenuation via an l-pad arrangement.

Series capacitors can be modelled in Basta! : Tolvan Data
and the suggested value is almost certainly wrong.
However done right it is a good idea.

The NS3 needs some form of BSC to sound right and doesn't need a tweeter.
You can find details of a filter on this page :

rgds, sreten.
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It's a Tang Band 13-1761S 8 ohm tweeter with a 4ohm Aurasound NS3.
This is not an audiophile project, it's just a portable bluetooth speaker. The tweeter is needed for better off-axis response.

Enclosure is .03 - .04 cu.ft. sealed.

What do you mean by "across the rails"?
Actually though I just remembered I'll be using an Infinity Kappa 4ohm tweeter instead of the Tang Band. Because I have it and the NS3 sitting here in front of me and never got around to ordering the Tang Band tweet.

Please ignore the original question since it no longer applies.
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Thank you.
So "across the rails" is like what we see in the picture below?

Okay, so keep in mind this is a non audiophile project.
Just me trying to use parts I have on-hand to make a tiny, portable speaker.
With off-axis response requirements being the only reason I'm introducing a tweeter into this.

I've got on hand:
  • Aurasound NS3 4ohm (full-range capable)
  • Infinity Kappa 4ohm tweeter (3500-20k capapable)
  • Pair of 0.25mH coils
  • Pair of 4.7uF caps

So putting what I have available into a few crossover calculators, this is the closest I can get to the parts I have available.
A first order xover requires too low a high pass for the tweeter when combined with the coil I have available to use.
So I had to move up to a 2nd order to better match my parts.


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By all means try your components in a x/o, it won't blow up.
Still they are wrong and you will have far too much treble.

Once you've sorted that out with an L-pad on the tweeter.
your not too far off, but you need to add BSC (search) at
line level or in the poweramps feedback loop. FWIW the
series capacitor is a good idea for tiny boxes, and can
be modelled by the free Basta! as I described earlier.

rgds, sreten.
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Thank you, I will have to spend some time and learn the Basta! software soon.
I think since this is just more of a rush/prototype deal, I'm going to just add a 4ohm resistor on the 4ohm tweeter to bring it up to 8ohm and hope it's not too loud.

The enclosure is drying right now so it's time for me to start on the crossover.
Will have to use longer wires so I can re-use some of these components on the next build that I design a bit better with more appropriate parts.
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