Vented enclosure /LLT Dayton Audio Ultimax UM-15 x 4 pcs


2016-03-07 7:15 pm
I have 4 pcs of UM-15 DVC Ultimax wich is going to be installed in my home cinema room.
Room is about 6000 x 5000 x 2500 mm
Will use it mostly for blu-ray concerts , rock, powermetal etc
Want to feeeeeeel bass in chest!
Amp i have is iNuke 6000DSP.
Most people use sealed enclosure for them but i want vented enclosure or LLT.

Any suggestions about volume and port?


2013-10-08 12:26 pm
What frequency range do you wish to get out of them? Do you have limitations on cabinet size? Subwoofers are always a compromise between size, efficiency and low frequency cut off.

If you have four woofers, you could distribute them over the room to get a more consistent sound across the room.