Vendetta research

Miguel, the Vendetta phono preamps have not been made for about 15 years. Only a few hundred were built, and they normally cost today, as much or more than what they cost when they were new. It is difficult to find any, and almost impossible for an amateur to reproduce the circuit, because the active parts are no longer easily available, and they must be matched from hundreds of devices to make the circuits work properly.

R-K Rønningstad

Paid Member
2006-01-16 11:41 pm
I have some 2SK146/2SJ72 (the duals) laying around since the 80ties, bought for the purpose of Borbely's first moving coil preamplifier (never built). Maybe they could go into a Vendetta copy I thought. But I am not so sure after I found some reverse engineered SCP-2B circuit diagram on the web. I do not remember what rank mine have either ��! Anyway I am sure John Curl is right when he says you have to match from hundreds of devices.
I could always check the devices I have and make a Veroboard mock-up and check it out....
But it is a shame with all those JFETs just sitting there unused.....