Velodyne question

I have a Velodyne HGS15 that is not turning off anymore automatically. It used to turn off 15 min after it no longer saw any signal and you can tell if it's on or off by the blue light indicating it's on. The sub still work fine but it seems to always stay on, I tried to call Veloodyne to see about getting it fixed but I never get an answer and I fear they are out of business.

Is this a common problem with an easy fix? I remember asking them a few year back about getting service on older units and I thought I remember that I could get the board rebuilt for $350.

I assume the older caps are starting to dry out but that's just a guess.

Any advice?

Forget the manufacturer, it is a simple task for someone with basic electronics knowledge.
If you dare to disassemble and use a soldering iron, you can do it.
I would start with the simplest thing, replace the capacitor with exactly the same one (to make sure that the capacitor's charge and discharge time constant is exactly the same)
If this does not work, the trigger transistor of the on / off relay may be the problem ......

Capacitor Charge and Time Constant Calculator - Electrical Engineering & Electronics Tools
I bought a Dayton board amplifier and did not bring the circuit, unfortunately it is an extended practice today, in all types of audio equipment.
Even the very expensive ones!

Maybe this thread helps you identify the component (capacitor) ......

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I don't know if Velodyne is a conventional AB class like Dayton, or it is a D class, so the shutdown sector could differ as PSUs are switched.