VCX MUSES Volume Control

Dear Fellows Audio Enthusiasts!

There were several reports that our VCX MUSES volume control boards exhibited spontaneous volume jumps to 99 or a 100.
Upon thorough investigation, we found that those jumps were caused by some silicon issues, and developed a workaround that eliminates the problem. It was a lengthy process and we greatly appreciate the contribution of the DIY community members to that work.
Please note that VCX units shipped after July 15 2023 are free from that defect.

Please note that not all the VCX boards shipped before July 15 2023 were affected by that problem. Nevertheless, we take seriously the quality issues, and we sent personal emails to each and every customer, who purchased the VCX that may be affected by the volume jumps problem and offered them to return the boards for a free firmware update. As a token of appreciation of those customers loyalty and patience with each reprogrammed VCX unit we provide a unique discount code to purchase our products.

If for any reason you missed your RMA letter in the mail, feel free to contact the company for the free firmware update.

Thanks again for your continuing support!

Lenny Novikov
Academy Audio Inc.