Hello, I present you VBE iMPROVED.

1st attach - VBE iMPOVED
2nd - a standart one
and 3rd - a sch

Note that its less sensitive than a normal Vbe but think about it is VERY ACCEPTABLE DIFFERENCE. ;)

Especially when its about simplicity and easiness. :p
Im too lazy to solder 2 resistors and connect them to a standart vbe.

Another + is that its adjustable.
For example if want it less sensitive, just connect transistor's colector to its base :)

If you want, connect a pot between them. :)

Greetings, mosfet54

P.S Why people think you need 4 diodes for darlington ? I dont think they start conduction @ 1.3V. I think they start conduction just like normal transistor.


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