Vass Electrostatics

In recent discussions with some friends, they advised me of an electrostatic speaker manufacturer who trades under the name "Vass Electrostatics".

I understand that they are based in Melbourne, Victoria, but I am unable to find any info on the web.

There seems to be plenty of reference to them from other audio sites, but unfortunately all links to Vass do not seem to work.

My question: Does anybody know of this company and if they are still trading? - Perhaps under another name, which may explain the broken web links.

Im just interested to see what products they offer.

mandoman said:
I have 2 pairs of Vass electrostatics if you would like any more info on them. I have not contacted Charles the designer and maker for around 18 months, so the link above was interesting, although for me personally somewhat depressing. Yet another Aussie designer and manufacturer not able to make it and the IP gets flogged overseas.

Hi Mandoman
Thanks for your response. Yes I would definately like to have some more info on their products.

Its a real shame that this company is no longer trading in the ESL buisiness.
My enquiries led me to believe that they manufactured fantastic and well made products.

I will send you a PM

Yes, extremely high value for money for the sound quality at the time I got mine. Being a local manufacturer, I was able to request some custom options that you can't do with the bigger overseas companies. They turned out so well that Vass used them in their ad pictures. Over the years there seems to have been a bit of procession of Aussie manufacturers of Electrostatics that fall by the wayside. It is very difficult to make a profit in such a small market, no matter how good the product is. I know that Vass had a lot of problems with Aussie transport companies destroying the speakers. Charles told me he sent a couple of test cartons out with one of the transport companies and they came back with footprints all over them. No wonder the speakers were being destroyed!

Mine suffer from the usual drawbacks of electrostatics (terrible amp load, inefficient etc), but in their prime sounded absolutely stunning with a friend's high $ valve amp. Best sound I have heard in my life and had me lusting after valves, but there is no way I could have afforded that amp. Charles went on to try and solve the drawbacks, and from what he told me later he was very successful. Unfortunately age has now got to mine and they really need the mylar re-coated.