Various question for fututre project.


2007-11-17 3:44 pm
Dear All, I'm new in musical instrument.
electronic/amplifying is my new hobby. self powered speaker for guitar and bass will be my future project, for home or studio usage and maybe can use for small stage monitor.

today, my equipment are :
- a home made acoustic-electric guitar
- a home made acoustic-electric bass
- a yamaha electric guitar
- an old roland E50 keyboard
- some stompbox effect for guitar and bass, and an old digital ZOOM.

here are some question which i need your kindly answer or suggestion, all or part :
can i built the self powered speaker wich is suitable for both bass and guitar and hope also for keyboard?
what kind of pre-amp will needed?
mono or stereo? ( my digital ZOOM effect output is stereo ).
i'm plans to use dual mono LM3886 for amp, is that suficient?
I don"t see a problem with this...There are many ways to go about it though....

As a Keyboard amp you probably don"t need a Preamp as the keyboard output will allready be at Line level which the LM3886 can easilly handle.....

As for the Guitar and bass inputs you could simply put an effects pedal in front of the LM3886 and use it for Bass or Guitar or you could Build an elaborate Preamp that has a 3 band Tone controll and Volume and gain and Overdrive ect.....

Everybody likes different features on there amps so it is up to you how many features you want on your amp....My Latest amp is Fairly simple ,It uses the LM3886 PA100 Design and It has an active 3 band tone controll with pre and Post Volume and Gain and a button to go from a clean Gain to a Dirty Gain.....

If you need any specific help let me know...