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Various audio boxes and audax drivers


2008-01-10 3:16 am
We are currently trying to make some space in our warehouse by clearing out all manner of things that have been sitting around being useless to us for a long period of time in the hope that "it might be useful one day". Our boss has finally decided that for much of this equipment that day will never come and has instructed me to try and ebay it or bin it.

All items are for sale at 99 pence or less on Ebay and our intention is simply to get rid of a lot of stuff that we don't need and never have needed - this forum may be interested in some audax drivers and some empty speaker cabinets that were never finished off properly. However, we're also trying to get rid of a printer, car seats, pyro gear, some empty racks (not up yet, I have RSI), and, yes, even a knitting machine. I don't know why we have it, but we do - it looks like something from Arkwright's looms of many years ago (also not yet up on the site though).

All the stuff is in Sheffield, England, and I would advise you to contact us on 0114 2316444 before committing to driving up to us or paying a lot for postage to check out more information on what we're flogging to make sure its something that might be of use to you. Please have a look at our random collection at this address: