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Valves in Mexico

Hi all,

I just came back from a holiday trip to Mexico - lovely country and I was lucky not to meet Emily!

Well, in Mexico DF I found the calle Rep. de El Salvador, surely known by you. I asked several of the retailers if they had 'bulbos', and between very expensive usable tubes (like 690 pesos for a 12BH7A) and TV tubes I found some interesting ones at Radio Regalos La Joya, No 73 A at the Rep.de El Salvador - tel.57-09-33-79

I bought the rest of ECC88 (not well known brands, but at 12 pesos each...) and some 12SNGTA at 25 pesos/each. From the last ones I have left some - maybe I shouldn's :D. But anyway, there is surely lots of interesting tubes left there and the guy isn't asking much.

Good luck!


And just to make it clear: I don't have any connection to this people, other than I bought some tubes from them.