Valutronic speakers (kits) information wanted

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Hi, I am looking for an easy and tube friendly speaker kit. This is my fisrt mon-fullrange project). Ssurfing the internet I have found a site in sweden offering an interesting 2 way kit (in fact they have 2 kits). Does anyone heard about Valutronic Kits ? or Monacor Drivers ? (all kits are based on Monacor Drivers).
The price is very good specialy because shipping to Chile (usually expensive) is included but is you google "Valutronic" or "SQ-50" there are no results besides their own site.

People who built the SQ-50/L says that they are good for their price but the tweeter is a bit sharp at higher frequencies. There are some few threads about SQ-50 at minhembio. - Hemma hos faffa - sq-50 hemmabio bygge - Hemma hos Loserkid - Valutronic SQ 50 bygge - Hemma hos Wappe - SQ-50l - Hemma hos AbiffenA - Högtalar bygge SQ50

Thread about the tweeter and how to solve the "problem".
Vass diskant i MB-50... (SQ-50?) - Minhembio forum

You can hopefully use google translate to translate the pages and find something interesting :)
Hey there Alejandror.

I now an alternative. A pare of speakers i have tried my self, and been very satisfied with. They come very very cheap, and offers a lot of sound for the money.
Its an easy to build speaker, and comes in a kit with al components.
They are called Dynabel Geb from Norway.
A translate program is probably needed here since i cant find any button that says "ENGLISH"

I have never owned a tube amplifier, but the guy that recemended these speakers to me never listend to any thing but a tube amp.

The tweeters are a bit "sharp" but ive been told that they where better with tube amps.

Best of luck.
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Okay i see. I wasn't aware that, sorry.
Can you tell me how the db should look like.

For 15-30 Watts Push-Pull amp 88-90dB is OK
For low power S.E.T. (2A3,6B4G) 95 dB and UP

If you want to listen to music at an average level you need aprox. 95 db

if the speaker is 84dB (the rule is double power = +3 dB)

1W -> 84dB
2W -> 87dB
4W -> 90 dB
8W -> 93 dB
16W -> 96 dB

As yo can see, with an average solid state amp there is no problem, but with low power tube amp, you need sensitive speakers
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