• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Vacuum Tube SPICE Models

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This is the place to post known good spice models, and links to libraries, and/or library files. This should help to make good spice models more generally accessible to the membership. General discussion of modeling and measurement issues welcome.
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Courtesy of jazbo8 the Ayumi SPICE model library:

<snip> To use those models in LTSpice, you need to manually edit the *.inc files by replacing all the "^" with "**" in the text. I think you will find those models superior to the ones by Koren, Munro, etc.

Files included, copyrighted material, if you distribute these files make sure that the first three lines are not removed.

PSpice Models => View attachment tubemodel_3.20_win.zip

A time-saver, the file below contains all the Ayumi SPICE models that are compatible with LTspice - manual editing of the files is no longer required!
LTspice Models => View attachment Ayumi_LTspice.zip (New 06/29/2018)
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List of available SPICE models in the Ayumi pctube library:

2A3 2B7 2X2 3A167M 3C33 5AR4 5R4 5T4 5U4G 5U4GB 5V4 5W4 5Y3 5Z3 5Z4 6AC5 6AF4
6AH4 6AK6 6AK6T 6AL5 6AN8P 6AN8PT 6AN8T 6AQ8 6AU6 6AU6T 6AX4 6BL7 6BL8P 6BL8PT
6BL8T 6BM8P 6BM8PT 6BM8T 6BQ5 6BQ5T 6BQ6 6BQ6T 6BQ7A 6BR7 6BR7T 6BX7 6C4 6C5 6C8
6C19P 6C33CB 6CA4 6CA10 6CB5 6CB5T 6CB6 6CB6T 6CD6 6CD6T 6CG7 6CK4 6CL6 6CL6T
6CW5 6CW5T 6DE71 6DE72 6DQ5 6DQ5T 6DQ6 6DQ6T 6DT8 6EJ7 6EJ7T 6EM71 6EM72 6EW72
6F5 6F6 6F6T 6FQ7 6GA4 6GB5 6GB5T 6GB8 6GB8T 6GW8P 6GW8PT 6GY5 6GY5T 6H6 6J7
6J7T 6JB5 6JB5T 6JE6 6JE6T 6JG6A 6JG6AT 6JR6 6JR6T 6JS6 6JS6T 6K6 6K6T 6K7 6K7T
6KD6 6KD6T 6KG6 6KM6 6KM6T 6KV6 6KV6T 6L6 6L6T 6LB6 6LB6T 6LF6 6LF6T 6LG6 6LG6T
6RA2 6RA3 6RA6 6RA8 6RB11 6RB11T 6RP15 6RP15T 6S4A 6SC7 6SH7 6SH7T 6SJ7 6SJ7T
6SL7 6SN7 6SQ7 6SQ7D 6U8P 6U8PT 6U8T 6V6 6V6T 6W6 6W6T 6X4 6X5 10 12A 12AT7
12AU7 12AX7 12AY7 12B4A 12BH7 12BY7A 12BY7AT 12GN7A 12GN7AT 14AF7 20P1 20P1T 24
25E5 25E5T 27 31LZ6 31LZ6T 35C5 35C5T 41MXP 45 46 50 50HB26 50HB26T 53 59Th 62BT
62BTT 71A 75 76 77 77T 80 81 82 83 83V 84 211 217C 300B 350B 350BT 354V 801 829B
829BT 836 845 878 879 1619 1619T 5687 5751 5842 5965 5998 6072 6080 6146B 6146BT
6197 6197T 6240G 6267 6267T 6336 6350 6414 6550A 6550AT 6900 7591 7591T 8045G
8417 8417T 9002 AD1 DA30 E83F E83FT E180CC E182CC EC86 ECC33 ECC35 ECC84 ECC86
ECC88 ECL85P ECL85PT ECL85T EF39 EF39T EL12 EL12T EL32 EL32T EL34 EL34T EL95
EL95T EL156 EL156T KT33C KT33CT KT66 KT66T KT88 KT88T MH4 MH40 MH41 MHL4 ML4
Pen45 Pen45T PX4 PX25 PX25A RE604 WE104D WE262B WE310A WE310AT WE396A WE421A
List of available SPICE models in the Ayumi pctube library:

In addition to Ayumi's SPICE models, I have generated following
18 models by Ayumi's method.

4E27(Triode Strapped)
6J4P (Russian 6AC7)
6J4PT (Triode Strapped)
C3g (Triode Strapped)
6688 (E180F)
6688 (Triode Strapped)
814(Triode Strapped)
GU50(Russia)/FU50(China) Triode Strapped

These models are shown in the below URL (sorry these
models are for TINA simulator but can be converted
for LT SPICE, easily).

Tube Models for TINA
Thanks, all, for the models. Looking through the list, I didn't see a model for the 6DJ8/6922 or the 6N1P. Is there a possibility that these are part of the set but just omitted from these ZIP files? Or does someone have the expertise to generate them? If I had these two additional models, that would cover all of the tubes I generally design with.

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The files LTspice supports are

I did change ^ with ** but an error wakes up
The error says ' Multiple instances of "print" '

It seems like you are trying to open the .inc file directly... Please refer to the image below, it should be self-explanatory of what needs to be done... If not, please consult the user manual for LTSpice.

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.
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Please Stop Using the Koren (Pentode) Models!


Here are some of the models i use : https://gist.github.com/chanmix51/6947361


Thanks for sharing, but it appears that most of the models in your collection with a few exceptions are based on the Koren model, which unfortunately are not accurate (in particular the pentodes/tetrodes) - sorry to sound like a broken record ;). I will just show an example of the 6V6 here for illustration purpose. The other Koren-based models also suffer from similar issues to varying degrees - the spacing of the grid curves, the knees, etc. Don't even get me started on the grid modeling... :D

6V6 vs. the Tung-Sol datasheet (the -30V Eg curve does not even show up on the plot...)
An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.
If you "step" the iteration, not rushing to just arrive at a "solved" solution, you can find Koren parameters which model pentodes with reasonable accuracy through the knee. Watch how the errors change every time you step the process. Moreover, there are many ways to look at the error you're minimizing, and it's necessary to use the correct one!

It's probably easiest to just model these devices in the area in which they will be used (Va>=50V or Va>=75V), however.