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Vacuum Tube AMP transformers - I think - amplifiers -- Stancor P-6011 -- NH USA

Are these for tube amps?
Are these for DAC's?

They look top be new old stock.
Make offer in thread if you want.


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They would be ok for tube preamps or mono single ended tube amps with tubes like EL34 or 6L6. They have windings for tube rectification at 5v. The filament winding is just enough for a driver tube and an output tube. If someone is doing mono blocks they would be great.
sorry, sold
Usually by the time some one on this forum messages me, I could have sold it 54 times already
I try to make this forum more usable, but all the 155 IQ geniuses that build stuff that runs on electricity are dead set against it for some reason
They can't even seem to be able to write what country they are in in the title
Guess you need more IQ to do that or I'm an idiot savant maybe :rolleyes: