• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

(v?)Tailor PA-500 Tube Amp


2013-04-28 7:31 pm
Okay, so .. I found this amp ..
Let me just begin with saying that .. it just looks like a goddamn BEAST. I cannot believe the power and output transformers on this thing and the tubes ... oh my god! The bad thing is is that it looks really REALLY old and rust has gripped i very tightly. But I do think that there is hope for this fallen tube(or should I say BOTTLE?) amp and I plan a very thorough restoration process .. BUT! .. no schematic anywhere and it looks like quite a complicated design.

So I would like to ask if Anyone has any info or best of all .. A SCHEMATIC(yum) for this monster. Pics bellow ... (Very gratefull in advance!!! :) )



2013-04-28 7:31 pm
Last post got deleted ..

Anyway, the one about "mistake capacitors with tubes" cracked me up :D But I guess anything's possible these days, so ... no tubes? Check this out ...




2013-04-28 7:31 pm
I know about the rusty trannies .. and that's my main concern, since I know those are probably the most valuable components in this thing. I think a little info about the tubes wouldn't hurt so here's a little on them:

The big ones (that are in groups of 4) have two markings on them one above the other like this:



The small ones that are sticking out of the PCB have some too, but the letters are Cyrilic, like this:


VII (hexagon) 72

I have no chance of reading the values of the capacitors, but they look quite rugged!

Anything else I can tell you, you can probably see on the pics. Any ideas? Any quiestions? Any hope??? :D

PS: There is a marking on the PCB that is the same as the brand on the front, so I know it's the original one.


2011-12-21 8:37 am
Wow what a beast !
In the thread founded bj Jazbo , circuit seems about this other amp :
Anyway in the thread acarp posted some pictures of the 500 amp , strangely with only 3 power tubes per channel . The amp is a parallel push pull as i can see , both section of each tube are paralleled and tubes are paralleled by 2.So the output transformer is connected to 4 sections per side ...
In nymka amp , only 2 tubes are connected , remaining tubes seems disconnected (black wires on plates cutted)

I think 500W are a little overstimated ...

Good luck with the beast :)


2013-04-28 7:31 pm
Absolutely wonderful feedback from all of you!! :) Many thanks to everybody who took their time! Especially you, Jaz, nice detective skills! Certainly better than mine i guess .. :D The schematic is his work and I will PM him to see if he has a more recent version and any other helpful info.

If i get what I need, I might just go at this and remake the amp. I'll post interesting stuff here.

Thank you again for the lightning fast replies! :)