using two NPO capacitors in serial for the vas cdom ?

Yup, the series capacitor formula works fine for any use of capacitors! The only caveat is when the total voltage exceeds the rating of individual capacitors, then you might require a resistor divider chain to ensure sharing voltage equally (as in a chain of electrolytics in a very high voltage power supply), but here that's not an issue for low-value NP0 ceramics which have negligible leakage and high voltage ratings.
Which capacitance do you actually need? There is always a possibility to series or parallel connect capacitors of different values to arrive closer to the target value.


I need 8 pf, NPO or silver-mica.

I only have 15 pf and 4.5 pf NPO capacitors.

Silver-mica are best but the shipping for Canada cost more than a full box of capacitors.



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