Using the Dayton PC105

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AFAIK, Wolf Teeth is the only member who has used these drivers before, despite them being efficient & cheap, with a pleasing looking wide flattish frequency response marred only by a small peak at ~8.5KHz.

Having recently tried a couple of WAW style builds, but being disappointed by the lack of dynamics of the Dayton PS95 and Vifa TG9 (They’re too inefficient), I decided to try a conventional 3 way using the PC105, paired with a Dayton ND20 tweeter (Foolishly I chose the rear-mount version, front mounting would have been so much easier). I used a Wavecor WF138 woofer I had available, because I knew it would work well in the re-purposed 20L test boxes.

I kept the crossover minimal, 1st order electrical on the woofer & mid, and 2nd order on the tweeter, rewinding inductors from my junk box to get the required values. No resistors required! - the sensitivities matched very well. Crossover frequencies are 540Hz (Baffle step) and 5Khz.

The sound is detailed and dynamic, as expected, with drums and guitar coming across particularly well. The Wavecor woofer does the low end very well to match, (although, naturally, I preferred the sound with my 10” Peerless woofers switched in as well). The HF peak wasn’t audible, to me at least. Maybe I’m showing my age...

Unfortunately the Wavecor woofer is NLA, so I will at some stage be doing a rebuild of these using a pair of SB 13PFC woofers, which work in the same sized box. One of my goals with recent builds has been to keep the box size to ~20L or under.


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I liked the 105-4 too! It seems like it's limited to about 100Hz on the bottom in a box that won't allow it to unload, unless you use the 'ice-cream-sandwich aperiodic sealed' alignment like I did. It has a nice and open character and the mids are really smooth and easy. The sensitivity is a plus, and one of the reasons I used it for the Bar-Gain soundbar. Unfortunately, it limited the tweeter choices being so high output that I chose what I did.

The main caveat is that stepped surface-mount rebate that it needs to surface mount. The price is great!

I've been listening to these a lot, and not switching back to my main speakers as was my preference when listening to the TG9 based speakers. Loving their balance. However, today I've been pumping a Keith Jarrett concert a bit louder than usual, and have noticed a small but annoying amount of breakup - so when I get around to the rebuild, I'll have to up the order of the LP xover on the PC105, and possibly lower the xover frequency to the tweeter.
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