Using really thick baffles...


2011-08-20 6:02 am
I am about to make some HFrames specd for 16" depth.

Recently we acquired enough free material to make the square baffles for mounting the driver (so far we haven't paid for anything other than drivers and hardware, trying to be a ill more uh... Sustainable). They are from a solid door, and are 1-3/4" thick.

Is this too thick to use as an Hframe baffle? And if not, what needs to be done to the 16" depth measurement? Will I need to increase it? As well, would I mount the baffle dead centre? In MJK's article, he uses 21x21x16" for his dimensions with the same driver, and bumps the baffle forward about an inch to tuck the magnet in. Is it fair to say that by mounting dead centre, the thickness of the baffle will move the woofer forward enough as to prevent the magnet from sticking out the back?