Using BNC's as interconnects

BNC connections


I've tried BNCs and confidently advocate them for all DIGITAL connections. Make sure that you use 75 ohms cable(good quality RG59) and BNC connectors and not the 50 ohms variety. It makes a difference!! The 75 ohms "crimp" connectors by Amphenol are very good and gives the "audiophile" variety a good run for their money.

I've got mixed results for analog signals, with very good resolution but the sound is somewhat thinner and sterile. Vocals seems to lack "emotion". I find traditional copper co-axials or copper ultrafine wires (read Allen Wright's cable cook book. You'll be surprised at the results!!) much better in this application.



If fact, I used RG58 (50 ohms) with gold plated Amphenol 50 ohms BNCs for anolog signals and as I've mentioned, there is actually no loss in signal but it appears that the music as a whole becomes a higher pitch as if the whole audio spectrum has gone an octave higher. Details are actually excellent and vocals seem to come across very clear but does not have the "bloom" of normal good interconnects. Some audiophiles termed it as "less involving, sterile etc" or whatever they want to call it. I believe this effect is caused by the cable impedance rather than loss. Perhaps you can try it out and let us know your results?