using aq dragon fly for impedance measurements?


2012-11-26 7:40 pm
aq dragon fly seems to have appropriate low output impedance and high enough output voltage to do good constant voltage impedance measurements of loudspeaker driveunits directly conected to the device, combined to any usb soundcard as for input should work with arta/limp or similar, or?


Paid Member
2002-09-25 11:01 am
You could use REW which will accept two different devices for input and output.

But yes, in theory the Dragonfly is sufficient for the task along with a USB soundcard.

But then, any USB soundcard is also sufficient as it also has a low impedance headphone output which will not be much worse than the AQ.

In theory, at least. In practice, bus powered USB DACs will not be really able to provide reasonable output into a 8 ohm speaker load as they are designed for minimum 16 ohm load. Also the usual output cap is 100uF, which will have a profound effect on the LF measurement.

For tweeters there will be no issues.