usher km-u2

Hi !

I have just finished euphase's KM-u2 boxes on ushers 9950-20 and 8945p. Sound great, look good.

I'll let them to break in for a while and then measure and compare with other designs that my friends have.

pics here: http://qubix.kicks-***.net/moje-projekty/km-u2/zdjecia/photoalbum_view
Hi Feyz :D

it's been a long time since i've finished the ushers and i forgot to answer your question. i've just popped here accidentaly with google searching for km-u2 to show them to my friend :D

Well, they play so good, that i've even lost some interest in making next speakers. It's nearly a year now and i'm still listening to them with great pleasure.

For different reasons i still haven't made a propper enclosure, with the transducers closer one to another - that surely would help the imaging.

I'm not the only one, who has built them :D search on this forum and i'm sure you'll find more persons saying how cool km-u2 are.

I hope your allright, since you're is still "under construction" :D