Used NAD 3060 or LM3886 stero kit?


2011-06-02 4:47 pm
Used NAD 3060 - Any good, worth it over a ClassD kit?

I wanted to ask about a choice but I changed it. Who knows anything about the NAD 3060 amplifier?

I found one locally which comes with a set of speakers. The speakers I cannot use (yet I suppose) but the amp can be useful if it works. I like vintage gear.

Who knows about the 3060? Is it any good compared to say a TDA 7498 kit amp? The one advertised is a rare model since it was only made of a year apparently (from the few things I could find) since it has a wood enclosure and silver face-plate. It is rather good from one person on the internet somewhere in 2002.

The only thing that bother me a bit about the amp (for the sake of argument lets say it works perfectly fine - need to find out) is the actual size of it. I'm in the process of making some small stereo speakers for my desk for video editing, no more than 30W/channel. A TDA amp can be A LOT smaller than the NAD - but it is a NAD! And it is vintage! And assuming it works fine it is merely plug in a works. But it is big.

So, would a NAD 3060, in your opinion be worth it over for example, a TDA7498 amp it?
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Ian Finch

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2010-04-11 4:22 am
Coffs Harbour, NSW
A 3U rack case size amp for home video editing?...seems like a strain on available space for a job that probably wont benefit from over-warm NAD sound.

Unless you actually want it to listen and just enjoy the music, I would go for compactness and neutrality in sound as priorities. Just consider what a mess the mix will be, played back with eq to suit a particular tonal balance of the mix amplifier.

Go for the chip amp, assuming it's a good quality implementation that doesn't leave you with low budget compromises everywhere. The sound quality is not just the chip. It's the PCB, wiring layout and power supply too.