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Used capasitors for sale

All caps are used with uncut and cut leads according to description

Uncut leads used caps

Solen Fast Cap 20uF MKP 250V - 2 pcs.
Wima MKS 6.8uF 63V - 2 pcs.
Vishay BC MKT 100V - 2 pcs.

Short leads used caps taken from Mission speakers (~5cm)

Elytone bipolar 20uF 10% 63V - 2 pcs.
Elytone bipolar 6.8uF 10% 63V - 2 pcs.
Unknown brand 5.6uF 100V - 2 pcs.

Nichicon ES 10uF 50V bipolar (new) - 2 pcs.
Vishay MKT1813 4.7uF 250V - 2 pcs.

Selling all for USD20 + flat rate shipping all over the world.
I take paypal. PM interested.