Use VST plugins on all windows 7 audio output


2013-03-07 3:20 am
I've been looking around to find a way to use vst plugins in windows audio output and tried some things but everything just confuses me since the threads all assume that one has some knowledge on this subject. Do you guys know any tutorials with steps on setting up vst's in windows audio? I got the vsthost software with my eq but it doesn't do anything and I can't find any tutorials. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.


2013-03-20 11:22 pm
In my experience The tricky part is routing audio stream to your host program. It needs a physical input. Then, routing stream to physical soundcard outputs. Look into a software called virtual wire.

HThe rest is All in host configuration. You should be able to contact manufacture of EQ for help since they packaged SW with it. You can snag free VST files from numerous sources for evaluation.



2006-09-11 9:33 pm
VSTs are not intended to run in the native Windows environment. They require a host, which may or may not integrate with the native windows audio environment (I think generally not). You can get free VST hosts, or more tidily, you will find VST support within some windows-based audio players (Foobar, cPlay, JRiver (iirc)).

Think of a VST as a processing link between a source file and the output of the application hosting the VST.

Hope that helps a little.