Use of Diodes in mono and stereo signal splicing


2007-12-30 5:06 pm
Got a question. I got a GPS for the car over the holidays and connected it to my car stereo by way of making a Y cable and Y'ing it in along with my Sirius sattelite radio into the audio in jack on my head unit.

Works great for what I need but problem I realized after was the signal from the gps is mono and the Sirius radio is stereo and by my splicing the L and R channels together at the GPS connection end results in more or less bridging the L and R outs of the Sirius radio as well.

What are the best diodes to use to solve this, or is there a better alternative? My plans were to instal diodes inline along the L and R channel wires at the connection point at the GPS after the place I bridged the signal.

Also just to note the head unit only has 1 input so is reason why I went this route and could simply dump to one channel only, but it sounds better when watching a movie on the gps if both channels are working, even if it is still just mono ;)


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2002-08-14 1:47 pm
Diodes won't do what you want but at least will generate lot's of funky distortion. Use resitors to sum the signalss. A couple of Ks will probably be fine. Of course using the same stereo input at the same time for both stereo and mono channels will be bad for stereo separation.