Use CRT projector lenses onto a 5"lcd projector. Pics Avaliable

Use CRT projector lenses onto a 5"lcd projector. Pics Avaliable

HI! I'm looking for a projection lense to use with my 5" lcd projector, i've found on e-bay projection lenses for crt projectors, it looks like instead of using an lcd those projectors use a tube as the tv.

The description says:" Most 7" CRT and some 8" projectors will take them with no modification". So, that means they should work fine with my 5"lcd projector right? Of course, I need to check the focal lenght, but if it is what I am looking for, Will it work with my projector?

The auction is for 3 projection lenses, of course I'm going to use just one and keep the rest of them.

(I'm not planning to use the varifocal triplet coz i'm looking for a shorter focal lenght)



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Yes, but...

I think one of those lenses would work fine, but you only need one of them. And you could actually use a smaller CRT lens. The seller seems to have LOTS of CRT lenses of various types and sizes. Maybe you should ask him if he can sell you just one lens big enough for a 6" color CRT? (I think that would be about the same diagonal size as a 5" LCD.)

Or maybe you plan on upgrading to a 7" Lilliput sometime in the future? And build another two such projectors for your buddies?

I have seen smaller individual CRT lenses for sale on eBay for more like $15 + shipping. I just bought three Delta 115's for $9.99 + $18 shipping!


2005-04-05 12:12 pm
Are such lenses free of chromatic aberrations? Their original purpose is to work with a monochromatic light source, so may be there is no need to correct chromatic aberrations, and so they are cheaper, simpler and brigher, but will suffer from such aberrations? Or I might be wrong as well.

And I havent realized how big this lenses are. For example,the Delta HD-8B lenses are about 6.25" in diameter and about 9" long. Plus, they weight about 15lb. Thats why you said the shipping cost would be huge right? Now,imagine 3 lenses. Man! The things we need to do in order to get a lens with a focal lenght of 135mm.Now I'm thinking about buying just one instead of three.