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USB to I2S 384Khz - DSD Converter

According to Amanero Technologies website:

Supported Sample Rates
44.1Khz 48Khz 88.2Khz 96Khz 176.4Khz 192Khz 352.8Khz 384Khz

Output Format
I2S 32bit and native DSD 2.8224 Mhz - 3.072 Mhz - 5.6448 Mhz - 6.144 Mhz

2 Low Phase Noise TCXO


DSD output enable line to signal an incoming DSD stream.The card supports output mode only.
NO Drivers needed for Mac OSX 10.6+ and Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel
KS/Wasapi/Direct Sound Dedicated Drivers for Microsoft OS Xp to Win8 32-64bit

On Request
USB VID-PID and Device Name customization.Windows Driver signature with a custom CodeSign Certificate.
For old applications the max sample rate can be configured to 192Khz

Distribution & Prices
Single Module Euro 79
Stocks 60+ Euro 39
Chipset for custom integration (250+) Euro 19
Implementation is cheap as dirt!
Fifo buffer interface x2c64(spartan of course would be better with external reclocking) is possible, and for hundred buck would be a far more better thing ...
Here in Russia, some people used to sell crappy usb sound interface 2 layer pcb's with cortex m3 without any oscillator and for hundred buck.
But, here were see optimal project.

It is very bad that cm6631 doesn't support 384 or 352.8 by default , even without dsd and it is only software issue.
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Not necessary I see in your web: http://www.amanero.com/IMGP1175.JPG