USB-Phono-Preamp to Streamer/Digitalplayer for Realtime-Playback

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In the selection of a RIAA-headamp with USB-out are several things to consider before buying, if it is not intended exclusively for the recording to the HDD.
What is therefore to be noted here ?

This question rises up, when I realized at a listening test between two different USB- phono preamps to the Cambridge Audio media player (streamer) model No. "Stream Magic 6".
Some models did not work by USB in any cases.

The NAD PP3 works - the USB-ADC is this integrated circuit:

This RIAA USB preamps don't work:
1) HAMA PA-005 USB
2) MAGIX "PA-005-2 USB"
MAGIX Zubehör & perfekte Ergänzungen zur Software
Both devices use follow USB analog to digital converter and usb controller:
1) VT1612A-sound-driver-for-WindowsXP
VIA VT1612A sound drivers for Microsoft Windows XP 32bit
2) SONIX SN1120
Is there a needing of a driver for download like this?
PA-005-2 USB Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP
What are the right steps for installing to the Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 ?

Are there other resp. additional attentions necessary before purchasing such devices?

I know, the most easy way is to use phono-preamps, where inside is an A/D converter with DOBM resp. S/P-DIF coax or optical output. In this input mode all exist media player models will work fine.

But nevertheless I want to know exactly the reasons, in which cases real-time playback via USB isn't possible without trouble.

Thank you very much for advices and appropriate weblinks/threads, maybe already exist here on diyaudio.
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any news ?
Cambridge Audio send follow reply in this case:
Regarding your first question, this is not going to work. The USB inputs on the StreamMagic is for USB audio from a computer only and will not work with something like this pre-amp which is also only designed to work with a computer.
But no details concerning the exact reasons.
Under - Defined 1.0 Class Codes
I also don't find helpful hints.
But the URL
maybe brings some advices.
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i'm not trying to be rude of cheeky but i have to ask the question why?

i was under the impression that vinyl playback was all about analogue and not changing it to the digital domain then playing it back.
This is a resonable view. Either I have an audio set up in fully digital (networkplayer or computer, dsp-crossover network and power-DACs according the numbers of ways) or in dig./analog mixed version with analog inputs.
But a friend of me uses a fully digital audio set up and want a record player enhancement with the smallest possible number of additional devices. Therefore the question.
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i would say that you need a driverless device. most usb devices need a driver to make them work, the driver allows each type of operating system to talk to the device without these drivers then there is no communication.

unless you can stream the bits at realtime from the TT at a very high bit rate then there is no point. this would be dependent on the sample rate of the usb phono stage device.

i think the smallest and easiest way would be using a tiny computer such as a RPi in the middle as the communication device.

i personally see no advantage of going down this route apart from being able to play scratchy records in the digital domain which defeats the whole point of vinyl playback.

if there were streamers with an analogue (phono) input then it would be simple as you then just connect the phono stage to that and let the AD/DA converter in the streamer do the talking.
I have searched for vinyl streaming solutions myself. I tried using a regular phono stage into a behringer uca202 that was connected to an raspberry pi.
On the raspberry it was converted into MP3 and streamed as internet radio on my lan.
It worked, but I got some delay and dropouts every now and then. I suspect mye raspberry pi (1st gen) wasn't powerfull enough to do the convertion and streaming in realtime.

Audio distribution with Raspberry Pi | Crazy Audio
I am doing this without any problem in lossless format ( FLAC ) from transmitting rpis to receiving rpis and TCP through netcat commands (or ssh), but avoiding wifi. I use ethernet with plcs, which i think make sense with stationary devices like turntables.

Also worked without any problem http streaming my vinyls using VLC on a rpi transmitter to a tablet (Ipad) running VLC, that is, ethernet on the transmitting side, and wifi on the receiving side.

Not tried wifi on both sides, nor have any interest in doing so either. Use wifi as little as possible, that is only with mobile devices. Does not make sense using wifi to me from a desktop computer and/or a turntable. Only problems...
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Usb Digitalplayer for Realtime-Playback

Hi, Usually with Windows 7 very few Usb drivers are needed (or none), if you have relative recent hardware (last 3 - 5 years). If you use windows XP then yes, drivers are a pain in the ***. Every operating system has it's own advantages and disadvantages but what I like on windows is how easy you can find and install software, no console commands needed and games.
As a developer i worked few months in linux and i lost a lot of time with configurations, permissions and stuff. In windows you can setup your development environment (local server, configuration, ide etc) in 10 minutes or less.
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