Board without power supply is good.

Hi Tedkok,

Yes I would be interested.
I am interested in a DAC / remote volume solution that can be implemented in an active monitor system.
USB input is good, but we also require 12s, AES and SPDIF inputs as well.

I have my own very high quality DC power supply available to the board so I would not want to a high end power supply as this would be a waste of money and board space for me. I can supply pristine DC at whatever voltage is required.

Thanks and all the best
Thanks for the message. After some deep thinking, I considered that it will be safer to design the USB DAC using off the shelf DAC first, before moving to discrete component R2R DAC.

I am working on the first design

XMOS (XU208) based USB interface

with DAC of my choice, but will also need you guys' recommendation.
Should I work with a ESS9018Q2M, or dsd1973?
Both support DSD, and 192KHz 24bit PCM audio.

Any suggestions?
After some struggling, a XMOS XU208 + ESS9018 DAC module as the first step.

The module contains all the power management circuit, TCXO, such that it works with a single 5V (USB power), and the following control

1) BT, analog, USB input selectable
2) APPLE/Android input selectable
3) USB and two buttons ESS bit perfect vol. control
4) USB and button Mute control

There is external relay control pin from XMOS to allow selectable output between ESS DAC output and an analog source

The volume and mute control is UAC 2.0 compatible, or through buttons connected to XMOS

The XMOS software is under development, hopefully to update you within this month.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested to purchase this module if it has a price tag of USD40 + shipping?


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