Usb microphone for voice and learning


2021-11-04 6:09 pm

I want to build an usb microphone to use on my pc for remote working and podcast recording. If could definitively buy a blue yeti or any streaming microphone but I would not learn much from this.

Where I start from :
-I can solder SMDs, and work wood (and somehow metal)
-I can use kicad and already hade some PCB manufactured for me, but all digital, I come from a software / computer background and don't now much about analog electronic

I've seen this video that seems rather close to what I hade in mind : Building a quality USB-C microphone - YouTube . I have a few questions :
- should I replace the noname usb adc with e.g. a TI PCM2912A or wouldn't it change anything soundwise ?
- the video uses a THAT1512 but that5522 or TI INA849 seems to be newer / better SNR version. Any reason not to use them ?
- he uses a jli-2555 capsule. Is there any close quality capsule I could buy from aliexpress (the $13 jil233 will probably cost about $45 once i've paid shipping, vat and custom fees. Buying on aliexpress I can have almost free shipping shipping and pay the VAT directly so I won't have custom fees)

Thank you,