usb audio interface


2010-10-06 7:57 pm
Thanks for the answers.

However, these models have standard specifications:
input dynamic range: 100dB (typical, -60dB input, A-weighted)
signal-to-noise ratio: 100dB (typical, A-weighted)

In order to evaluate the specifications of other sounds cards and mp3 players,
I would need to have much higher measures than these standard ones.

Is there any other product that I could use?



2006-07-09 6:59 pm
You will be further ahead looking at Firewire interfaces. I can recommend this one from personal experience:

EDIROL FA-66 24Bit/192kHz FireWire Audio Capture



Dave, can you post basline RMAA measurements of this unit, with no DUT connected?

From my tests, it doesn't perform as well as say a E-MU 0404 USB.
Is someone says "DUT test" or "DUT testing" or "what DUT are you testing" i will reach across the internet with my soldering iron.

Sorry i just have a test at work that literally says "Please do not touch the DUT testing please".

Ok some one else can vent about hot water heaters now.
Yes it does (24/192) and can even do 32 bit measurements.

Not in practise (at least for me): "Macintosh analog operation up to 96kHz and digital operation up to 48kHz only at this time."

It does 32 bit internal processing with 24 bit I/O. I expect that that is pretty common as it is the most sensible way to use the 32bit wide processors.



2006-07-09 6:59 pm
So, the Edirol uses CS5340 ADC and AK4385 DAC.

The E-MU 0404 uses AK5385A ADC and AK4396 DAC

The specs just looking at the datasheet shows what's theoretically possible.

E-MU 0404 in 32/96


E-MU 0404 in 24/96


Edirol FA66 (I cannot find my graphs for this one, but these are within +-0.2dB of what I remember, despite the sampling rate difference: