US speaker parts supplier Parts-Express 20% off sale through 8/5/23

US speaker parts & electronic supplier is having a 20% off sale ending 8/5/23 EDT. Use discount code hotsummer$
What I needed urgently was a $13 replacement soldering iron to replace the one I tripped over. Electric bicycle is limited to 8 mph assist because I broke a hall effect sensor wire.
What bonus I ordered was a pair of Eminence Compression Drivers N314X-8 for a savings of $46 each. I've been slobbering over these for 2 years; I have had the 15" woofers that long and the plywood almost as long. Plenty of woofers, mid range, crossover parts etc. available. Annoying I couldn't calculate the crossover values at 2 AM.
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Jeez - I didn’t think they’d ever go above 15%. I bought my N314’s when the site wide sale was 15%. 8 of them, so it was sizeable. And I was going to wait till the Black Friday sale to place my next order. Something else I’ve been slobbering over…. Not saying which, of course.

And who can calculate crossover values at 2AM? To do it right takes measurements and you’ll wake the neighbors with the repeated “psssssht” sounds at 100 dB out on the driveway.
IJ - did you get your compression drivers? The 12MH32’s I ordered just arrived.
I’ll be cutting up a stack of plywood for those and some subs while I’m doing the inside framing of my shop….. Sawdust is sawdust.


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Stupid me at 2 AM. I ordered N314T-8. Better spec than X at 15 khz to 20 khz but I can't hear that. Wanted the X. I was leaving for summer camp on Friday AM, couldn't wait. Grass 4' high out there. Box got here Tues noon USPS. I really needed the replacement soldering iron. The steel pick set just cleaned the carbon off my lawnmower plug.
Going to have to buy a 14" wide 7" tall 8" deep horn with 1.4" flat flange from somebody else. P-E didn't have anything that big, neither does Eminence. Peavey figures the delay of an 8" deep horn is perfect for the SP2(2004) to match a 15" woofer and who am I to argue the point. There is a horn that size on e-bay; comes from Miami. Sharp edges instead of the nicely rounded ones of the SP2(2004).
I scored some 20 uf Polypro caps from allelectronic, $1.80. One of those series the N314T-8 is 8 ohms at 1000 hz I calculate?
The “X” version is more expensive - about $100 more. I have the “T” version too. They’re going on MEHs with a pair of 8PE32’s - each. Those 8’s are coming out of some decommissioned cabs. The 12’s are slated for a more or less conventional horn loaded 2 way with a 2” on top of each. Something that can get really loud with tubes in the 200-400 watt range. Similar cone weight to the Delta Pro, but with a lot more motor force. Finally get the mass corner above 600Hz. Didn’t matter so much in the kick bin design.

I’m not sure a 1st order crossover is enough, even with a 1.4”. Probably too much 500 Hz will get thru and with it distortion.