US Amps USA0106AX

This amp came to me with no power supply fets ..

The gate resistors are 47 ohm and the drivers are C3198 and A1266..

If i remember correctly this amp uses either IRF1010E's or IRF3205's

Does anyone know what fets i can use in this amp??

Also is there a good replacement for the drivers ?

I think the correct model number is the DE3000
Heres a pic of the thermistor both leads broke off


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Chip away at the epoxy on the outside edges of the thermistor with a sharp pair of nippy cutters. You can solder ribbon cable wires onto the thermistor if you want to reinstall if tor testing.

To determine what it is after soldering the wires onto it, allow it to cool to about 70°F and measure the resistance across the wires (do not touch the thermistor body). Then heat the thermistor lightly (touching it may be enough). The resistance should go down as it is heated. If so, order a replacement NTC thermistor with the same cold resistance rating.