Uriah Dailey LDR pickle

Hello .
I have some trouble with a lightspeed attenuator.
I bought a unasembled ldr kit, with all parts but no schematic.
I found a Uriah Dailey pdf on a ldr attenuator and thought all was good, but it turns out my boards are not the same, pdf board is a stereo board, mine are dual mono, the regulator boards, there are no silk screen markings showing part values, only part numbers. See pic.
I cross my fingers that one of you great diyers have some documentation. Or schematic of his stereo board.
Parts list.
2 pieces 200r multiturn
2 pieces 1k multiturn
2 pieces 5k multiturn
2 pieces 100k multiturn
2 pieces 1k
10 pieces 22k1
2 pieces 1 meg ohm
2 pieces 28pf silver mica
4 pieces 100nf 63v
2 pieces 100nf 35v tantalum
6 pieces 63v 470nf poly cap
2 pieces 1000nf tantalum
2 pieces 35v 47uf electrolytic
2 pieces 35v 100uf
4 pieces 35v 1000uf
8 pieces 1n4004 diodes (bridge)
2 pieces yellow led.
2 pieces lm317 In to92 housing
2 pieces 1m334 current sources..
2 pieces lme49710.
Might be helpful.
Any ldr schematic from uriah Dailey is most welcome.
Q2 on pcb looks like a standard 7812 regulator or the 15 volt brother?
Q1 must be a current source lm334. But then why was a lm317 included in the kit?
The lm317 in q2 spot? Puzzeling..
I thank you very much for your effort, I don't think it's a problem sharing those notes, it's a old project.
But I said down with coffee for some hours and figured the boards out, it's just a simple regulator with pot adjustment.
Here's a pic of the progress, black board is the dc coupled b1 buffer hotrod
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