UPS Anonymous-Don't they have the best service!!!

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Holding classes for people that are addicted to there great service and can't stop using them.

I was just curious if UPS are dumbasses in your area the way they are here in ga.

I call to have a package held everytime ups is used--which i use fedex most of the time now--the center tells me that i have to call the 800# and do a same day held.Well that is BS--Let me tell you why--

They hold my packages all the time and i still have to go through there song and dance everytime i have a new package-now it is maybe twice a month.

And when i call the 800#they say they can not hold the package untill it is scanned--even though you can see on the internet what time it arrived in that location--If you wait for the package to be scanned {it is too late then}

Because at that time it is sorted and put on the truck for delievery and then the info is uploaded to ups.

If you ask yourself--why dosnt this guy just let them deliver.

I have had many packages in the past that were suppose to be signed for by me--left on my doorstep--without being signed for-- to be stolen or rained on later.

I don't know how ups operates in your area,but i would like to know.Because here---in MACON,GA they still are on the-- good ol buddy system--

I talk to people that pick there packages up there that are held for them--they did not have a problem--Maybe there son or friend works there..HUH--i wonder if that is in the ups manual for employment.

Fedex--atleast in this area always seems to be much more Professional --and i have never had a claim with fedex.

The last claim i had with ups --i had my attorny call there corp office and it was paid right away.After i was put on hold by them for 2 months.The attorny did this for free-----

I quess this is more of a rant--but i know there have to be other people out there that have had problems with ups --

I do not use ups at all any more ,but they are companies that will only ship using ups.So then i am forced to deal with with them once again.

regards from an X ups user
Well now---an update for this morning--9:00 est--usa

I called to have a package held for me early this morning---a teac amp from vinni at red wine audio he had modified for me--Just to find out it is on there truck for delivery.What a joke they are.

Just in case anyone reading this would like the ups private # in macon ,ga it is----*-***-***-****

I just wanted to make there private number--- public because of the Good Samaritan i am.

FedEx is just as bad

they swear a shipment was received here -- but there was no signature --

i have a friend who's an art dealer -- lost a $50,000 book courtesy of FedEx -- same problem, they "ring and run" without getting the required signature. a courier would have been better.

fwiw I have not yet lost a package with the USPost Office -- although I did have one damamged.
Bas Horneman said:

I edited out the private number. Even though it is from a company that is apparently abominable. Can't have that on our site.

Bas :cop:

No problem.

There was nothing wrong with me posting the number--it is a public number--they just do not list it in the phone book.Well if anyone here for what ever reason would want the number then just e-mail me.

;) :cannotbe:
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I use UPS for shippments I can't ship priority mail
I have it picked up and am on a weekly pickup.
I've had my share of problems and a few times I got
stuck with a loss but there tracking system has helped me.
There is another reason I am still with UPS. They will
pickup at a residential house which is where I'm based.
I'm not always at any of my warehouses and I don't
want to leave packages out for the taking. FedEx and
DHL will not pickup at a house. They all will deliver.
Steve @ Apex Jr.
I am in a medium size city, Lansing Michigan, with about 400,000 population in the area. Just for a size comparison, included in that is a major university, the state government, and several general motors car plants. SO the package shippers do a lot of volume.

I have always found UPS to be efficient and professional. If they show up when I am away from the shop, they leave a note, and I can go online and redirect it to stay there for pickup if I want. The reason they want everything to run through the central system is that that is how they keep track of things. Everything left on the truck at night is scanned back in, and scanned back out in the morning next. You can find out where the package is at all times that way. Joe the driver cannot drop it off to you on his way home even if he is your next door neighbor because then the package is out of control of the system.

I have had no trouble sending UPS a standing order to hold for pickup anything sent to my address. I do this at times when I know the shop will be unmanned during normal delivery hours.

Fedex on the other hand used to come to my door and leave packages on the step in front of it - a commercial storefront on a busy urban street, and they are leaving electronic parts and equipment sitting there for anyone to take. After I scolded them and asked that all deliveries be held and a note left, the next time they left my package at another business across the parking lot. I didn't know the people there, and their hours were not mine, and it was only because someone from that business saw me one night and said there was a package been sitting there for a week or so and did I want it. That soured me on Fedex for a while.
I dunno about holding/delivery here....but..

I've had 2 friends that worked at the local UPS warehouse..
I'll never use them for anything fragile.

Both of my friends told me that they would *throw* the packages across the room into assorted bins as they come off the conveyor to be delivered to the respective places.
Frightening to think that some 17yo kid just tossed your quad of 300B's across the room,while daydreaming about being Michael Jordan.
Or that he may have just kicked your pacakge across the floor,cause he was too lazy to pick it up.

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UPS and FedEx have both lost the same number of packages in the last 12 months. Some are to me, some from me. It doesn't matter..........stuff vanishes, and you have to go through the hassle of filing a claim. They pay, it sometimes takes a while.

There are some nice pieces of audio gear out there that someone didn't pay for.............................

I'm on a first name basis (but i can't remember his name at the moment) with my ups guy. Lately i've been getting 1 or 2 packages a week, and I just told him where to stick them that is out of the rain, and out of site. Also, have you tryed leaving a note on your front door for him?
Out here I find UPS pretty much owns the service of anything else (except maybe private couriers), especially Royal Mail. You think UPS has got problems!

There was a TV under-cover thing recently where all the mail sorters were stealing credit cards, passports etc. Wouldn't dare send anything valuable with them now.
Personal Data for 3.9 Million Lost in Transit
In one of the largest breaches of data security to date, CitiFinancial, the consumer finance subsidiary of Citigroup, announced yesterday that a box of computer tapes containing information on 3.9 million customers was lost by United Parcel Service last month, while in transit to a credit reporting agency.

Executives at Citigroup said the tapes were picked up by U.P.S. early in May and had not been seen since.

The tapes contained names, addresses, Social Security numbers, account numbers, payment histories and other details on small personal loans made to millions of customers through CitiFinancial's network of more than 1,800 lending branches, or through retailers whose product financing was handled by CitiFinancial's retail services division.

The company said there was no indication that the tapes had been stolen or that any of the data in them had been compromised.

It was, however, the latest in a series of recent data-security failures involving nearly every kind of institution that compiles personal information - ranging from data brokers like ChoicePoint and LexisNexis to financial institutions like Bank of America and Wachovia to the media giant Time Warner to universities like Boston College and the University of California, Berkeley.

All these institutions have reported data breaches in the last five months, affecting millions of individuals and spurring Congressional hearings and numerous bills aimed at improving security in the handling of sensitive consumer information. The fear is that Social Security numbers, when combined with a consumer's name, address and date of birth, can be used by thieves to open new lines of credit, secure loans and otherwise steal someone's identity.

Whether the recently reported breaches indicate an epidemic of data loss is unclear. Many privacy and security advocates have suggested that a California law, requiring that consumers be notified of data security breaches, has led to more confessions of data losses and increased awareness of a longstanding problem.

"I think what we're seeing is a situation that's been going on for a long time," said Beth Givens, director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, an advocacy group in San Diego, "and one which has only been made visible by California's law."

The California law, which went into effect in July 2003, requires state government agencies as well as companies and nonprofit organizations - regardless of where in the country they do business - to notify California customers if the personal information maintained in their data files has been compromised.

Yet in an age of transnational banks, Internet commerce and giant data aggregators, notifying only California residents when data on consumers all over the country is potentially lost or compromised has proved to be a public relations impossibility. (ChoicePoint was widely accused of planning to notify only California residents when it learned that information on at least 145,000 Americans had fallen into the hands of thieves; the company, however, said it was planning on nationwide notification all along.)
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